- ego, mē, mihi, mecum, mī

# Welcome to my personal site, i'm adir. This is actually a revamped site , i built it when i started studying html+css. it had every flaw it could. This site won't have perfect code neither now but idk, i'm just trying. I like tech, videogames, literature, metal... hmm, I once studied philosophy at university, but dropped out and now i'm at sysadmin stuff. I like free software, and want to deep dive into the world of cybsec (still not owning a thinkpad tho xD)

I don't even have that much to say in the home page, i may force myself to write english posts here, just to make everything a bit more international. I won't translate every post i wrote in spanish in /blog/, so that would serve as a remnant of what this site was, i guess.

my manjaro desktop my devuan setup (fuck systemd, i guess?

$ [fuck systemd, i guess(?]

$ whoami

i think i've spent too much time in my whole life on computers. I honestly like this and will never regret doing something that i absolutely love for mostly my whole childhood and teenage years. I'll probably end up working on the IT sector and the most exciting thing about this is that i'll always have some new matter to learn. but the least talked aspect about this information managing devices is the metaphysic way. How our ability to translate binary code to decimal and decimal to ascii, combining ascii characters into words and combining words into prhases, sending them to a WAN and expecting an answer is conditioning our lives day after day. our relationship with the otherness is completely transformed into a mess of reality, irreality, roleplay and internet personas all combined into the aspect that i think defines our contemporary society: identity.